Satellite Flare (EP)

by Hospital

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D V Costley III
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D V Costley III I fell in love with this band when I first heard " When the trees were higher" I love every song I have ever heard, one of my faves! Love the new stuff too. Favorite track: Friday Night Death Slot.
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The first single that included two songs “Time Will Tell” and “Falling” was released in December 2012. Hospital debut album “When the trees were higher” came out on January 20, 2013 and was uploaded on the Internet for free download. The album received positive feedback both in Russian and foreign blogs.

From the review of the band’s first album on "To be completely honest with you guys, I never thought I would hear such a vibrant and luscious sound coming from an indie Russian band. “Time Will Tell” is the lead single from the EP; it’s a gorgeous crossover between dream and folk pop. Filled with wholesome and dreamy guitar lines and enchanting electronic atmospherics, Hospital has created an incredible piece of work here that could easily rival many of the Scandinavian and Brit pop bands around Europe".

Hospital gave a series of concerts in Russia to support the release of their album that will conclude by opening up Lana Del Rey Moscow show in July, 2013. They has just released two new singles «Lust For You» in December'13 and «Revelation» in May'14. The band were also opening act for The Neighbourhood concerts in Moscow and St.Petersburg and has huge positive feedback from headliner’s fans so the band were invited to support The Neighbourhood once again in Moscow this fall (October.28)


released October 13, 2014

Recorded & mixed by Korney Kretov at Xuman Records Studio
Release date: October,13 (2014)



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Hospital Russian Federation

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Track Name: Right On
standing on the bank i see the sun
i see the waves and people walking around
isn't it good?

feeling like the wind blowing in my face
isn't it enough to feel the grace
isn't it good?

Right on!

Autumn leaves are falling to the ground
I can see them falling with no sound
isn't it good?
Then i see you walking down the street
i can hardly stand on my tired feet
isn't it good?

Right on!
I know

You know i've got something to say
You know i've got you on my way
Bad weather was in me for too long
I don't wanna be on my own

PopRockIndie PopIndie RockIndieDream Pop
Track Name: Come Closer
why don't you want to come home
why don't you want to come closer
why don't you want to come closer

you'll find out pretty soon
no one else will love you
like i do

come on

it was so touch and go
And maybe i am not romantic
but I did my best
go on
time is moving so slowly
Silence is killing in cold blood
We all need some rest
Track Name: Crime
It's up to you to stay or leave
Because there is no card up my sleeve
You stole my soul and sucked my mind
It seems like i laid my whole life on the line
the more you'll give
the less you'll get
your life burns faster than my cigarette
when any time - it means no time
i know it's a crime

we play a neverending game
and we will always stay the same
and you will always be the one
and now what's done is really done
Some words can break your bones
Some tears are as heavy as stones
Even if you don't know why
Never say die

i am crawling through this city like a spy
i don't know why I am here
Maybe this is all because of the world ignoring me
And i know it's a sign
the more you'll give
the less you'll get
another reason for a cigarette
because any time - it means no time
i know it's a crime
Track Name: Friday Night Death Slot
now it's time to move
now it's time to move faster
got a one track-mind
got a deal to get upstairs
i just wanna ask
i just wanna ask
someone stop the battle

all the days are gone
all the reasons were stolen
then i looked around
and i heard you said hold on
shake your grief away
shake your grief away
and then you said

i'll never let you down
i'll never let you down
i'll never let you down
i'll never leave you

I don’t wanna move
I don’t wanna move faster
Stop the clocks of life
Who is the time master?
I just wanna ask
I just wanna ask him to push that button

Running through the days
Running through the months
Don't forget to look around
Taken by the dance of sun
You can take a breath
You can take a breath and then say